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Yellow and black hat that has a white patch on the front with a drawing of a 1950s looking lady holding a spatula. Around the image it says "You Grill Girl". Below that it says "Aus Tex. Les Dames Austin".
Image showing yellow and black hats with patch depicting woman with spatula with text "You grill girl"
Person wearing yellow and black "you grill girl" hat posing next to person carrying tray of food
Image showing chef in black gloves flipping a chicken wing over a grill

You Grill Girl! Hat

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You Grill, Girl! is a one-of-a-kind culinary event that celebrates women and their passion for grilling, cooking, and making - and we designed this hat to honor that "fire", if you will! 

The sale of this hat benefits Les Dames d’Escoffier Austin, raising money for scholarships and grants for Austin women in the culinary, wine, food artisans, and hospitality professions. This year, the Austin Dames chapter awarded $50,000 in scholarships.