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Back of navy blue t-shirt that reads in yellow and white letters: "900 E. 11th St. Austin, TX. Franklin Barbecue. It's served fresh daily until gone. 512-653-1187. Brisket, Pulled pork, Ribs, Turkey, Sausage". Beneath the words is an image of a cloud of smoke over three sausages.
Front of navy blue t-shirt. "Franklin Barbecue" is printed in yellow on the top left side of the shirt.

Navy Franklin Barbecue Smoke Cloud T-Shirt

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Signs of a good T-shirt:
  • It’s subtle as a nod, yet firm as a handshake.
  • It’s got the material of a soft embrace, which all men need sometimes.
  • It has a couple grease stains.
  • It’s the first shirt you wear out of the dryer. That’s your golden boy.

This is a decidedly good T-shirt, the mark of someone equally comfortable in the food and fashion worlds. Grease stains sold separately.

These 100% cotton T-shirts have a lived in feel and a relaxed fit.