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Dark green hat with logo saying "Registered Franklin Barbecue Pits Austin U.S.A." in yellow
Picture of back of green Franklin Barbecue Pits hat with metal slide closure.

Green Franklin BBQ Pits Dad Hat

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It feels like the line for the Franklin Pits and Franklin BBQ are one and the same, super long. While you are waiting for your pit or waiting in line for barbecue, keep cool under our Franklin Barbecue Pits hat. Shield your eyes from the harsh summer heat as you smoke up your very first brisket or your 400th brisket. This adjustable hat is the perfect complement to your hotly (and we mean hotly) anticipated meats and eats. This hat can also be used as a fan, to fan those flames in the firebox, or as a personal fan to keep you cool. This hat will also make everyone green with envy as you take first place at the cookout or barbecue competition.