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Extra Large Franklin Barbecue Cafeteria tray in a swirled blue pattern. The Franklin logo is printed in black in the upper left corner and is mirrored in the lower right corner.
Extra Large serving tray in Swirl Blue. Dimensions are 18''x26''. Made from reinforced fiberglass.
Photo of all three Franklin Barbecue serving trays, offered in small, large and extra large sizes., held together to show dimensional contrast. All are Swirl Blue color.

Extra Large Franklin Barbecue Tray

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You can’t spell “good barbecue” without “authenticity.” That’s why you should serve up your homemade meats on this authentic Franklin Barbecue tray. It’s got the heft and hardiness to serve up all the food you can handle. Just don’t mistake it for your childhood cafeteria tray and load it with sloppy joes, Salisbury steak, and other nonsense. You can’t spell “bad choices” without “mystery meat.”

Extra Large-Swirl Blue 18''x26'' tray. Reinforced fiberglass.