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Back side of a cream t-shirt. On it is a big square outlined with blue and red. In the square it says, "Franklin Barbecue. Enjoy the best brisket, pulled pork, ribs, turkey and sausage...until it's gone. Served fresh daily. 900 E. 11th St. Austin, TX." To the right of the font is a  Bob's Big Boy style drawing of Aaron Franklin holding up a plate of meat.
Front side of a cream t-shirt. On the shirt's top left it says in blue and red letters "Austin, TX. Franklin Barbecue. Enjoy the best."

Cream Franklin Barbecue Lil Aaron T-Shirt

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Signs of a good T-shirt:
  • It’s subtle as a nod, yet firm as a handshake.
  • It’s got the material of a soft embrace, which all men need sometimes.
  • It has a couple grease stains.
  • It’s the first shirt you wear out of the dryer. That’s your golden boy.

This is a decidedly good T-shirt, the mark of someone equally comfortable in the food and fashion worlds. Grease stains sold separately.

These 100% cotton T-shirts have a lived in feel and a relaxed fit.