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Small children's sized light blue t-shirt. In fun letters centered on the shirt it reads: "Franklin Barbecue". Perpendicular white lines are attached to the bottom of each letter as if they were a displayed sign. Below that on the shirt is our address: "900 East 11th Street. Austin Texas".

Kids Tahiti Blue Franklin Barbecue T-shirt

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Who knows why kids like what they like. Digging in dirt, sticking their fingers in places where fingers shouldn’t go, asking the same question over and over again. Why? Why? Why? Don’t ask us. But we can tell you why kids like Franklin Barbecue: It tastes good, you eat it with your hands, and it’s not broccoli. This T-shirt will remind your picky eaters that, yes, they do like Franklin’s! It’s that fun place where they miraculously clear their plates. The shirt comes in many sizes for growing kids. Just don’t blame us if they take the shirt off and strip down naked—blame their Uncle Michael for teaching them to say, “Sun’s out, guns out.”