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Front cover of Cook Like A Local book. Background design is red with image of grilled meat and vegetables. Subtitle is in yellow lettering that says 'Flavors that can change how you cook and see the world.' In bottom left corner are author credits for Chris Shepherd and Kaitlyn Goalen.
Inside peek of book with two-page display showing the author Chris Shepherd sitting at a table enjoying a meal with a woman.
Inside peek of book with two-page display showing the recipe for Sweet Soy-Glazed BBQ Chicken on right side and image of finished result of the recipe on the left side.
Photo of Aaron Franklin laughing while feeding barbecue to author Chris Shepherd.

Cook Like A Local

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Houston’s culinary reputation as a steakhouse town was put to rest by Chris Shepherd, the Robb Report’s Best Chef of the Year. A cook with insatiable curiosity, he’s trained not just in fine-dining restaurants but in Houston’s Korean grocery stores, Vietnamese noodle shops, Indian kitchens, and Chinese mom-and-pops. His food, incorporating elements of all these cuisines, tells the story of the city, and country, in which he lives. An advocate, not an appropriator, he asks his diners to go and visit the restaurants that have inspired him, and in this book he brings us along to meet, learn from, and cook with the people who have taught him. 

The recipes include signatures from his restaurant—favorites such as braised goat with Korean rice dumplings, or fried vegetables with caramelized fish sauce. The lessons go deeper than recipes: the book is about how to understand the pantries of different cuisines, how to taste and use these flavors in your own cooking. Organized around key ingredients like soy, dry spices, or chiles, the chapters function as master classes in using these seasonings to bring new flavors into your cooking and new life to flavors you already knew.